Summer 2019: The Ford Center at The Star  

Summer Olympics

Benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
July 22, 2019 

Arrive time: 11:45AM - 12:30 PM Schools Arrive and take pictures with DAllas Cowboy Cheerleaders and take place on field
Opening Ceremony: 12:30 PM
School Go to First station: 12:45 PM
SWitch Stations Every 10 minutes until 2:25pm
Calculating Scores: 2:30-2:45 PM STudents in Stands and Can have snacks
Award Announcements 2:45-3:00 PM
End Time: 3:00 PM


Schools Participating

West Frisco
Legacy West
McKinney Eldorado
West Allen
East Allen
Castle Hills
Las Colinas
West McKinney
North Flower Mound

Cowboys Field Layout 2019 Official.jpg

Our Programs

2019 Kids 'R' Kids Summer Olympics

   Games & Scoring

Kids 'R' Kids Summer Olympics Point System! Here is the scoring system for the 2019 Kids 'R' Kids Summer Olympics. If you have any questions please contact Leigh Gibbs, Leigh@gymstation.com 972-210-9895.

There are 1o schools participating this year in the Summer Olympics Event. This is a breakdown of the scoring system. First place gets 1o points, second place gets 9 points, third place gets 8 points, that goes all the way down to tenth place which gets 1 point. The key to keeping the point system fair is HONESTY! Please be truthful with all of your score keeping because everyone will be on the honor system. We will have coaches at every station to verify results but it will be up to each school to record and turn in their own results.

Each station will last 10 minutes. At the 2 minute mark an announcement will be made letting them know how much time they have before they go to the next station. Once the 2 minutes are up another announcement will be made to switch to the next station.


Map of Ford Center

Map of Drop off and Bus Parking Below

  • Park in Lot A2 then walk to the Media Entrance

Parking Map.jpg

Other News Updates

As previously stated the total cost for the event is $11,600- field rental plus Ruth Ann’s services. Upon signing the contract for the field we need to provide 50%, $5,000. I will let you know who to make the check out to once I hear back. Below are details
$10,000 field rental
$5,000 due upon contract execution- $555.56 per school, check made out to Zoff Management and in Paul’s hand by Friday, April 19th
$5,000 due at the time of the event- $555.56 per school, check made out to Zoff Management
$1,600 Ruth Ann’s services due upon invoice

Karen will be taking the t-shirt orders so please refer to her with these answers, I have CC’d her. Below is the list of schools t-shirt colors, also the colors not participating, if anyone would like to switch their colors please let Karen and I know. Alex please discuss what color you would like your school to be, I know West Frisco is considering switching so you could speak to them.

West Frisco- lavender/white letters
Legacy West- sapphire/white letters
Castle Hills- purple/white letters
Preston Vineyard- red/white letters
McKinney- royal blue/white letters
West McKinney- no color listed
East Allen- emerald green/white letters
West Allen- yellow or gold/white letters
Las Colinas- neon orange

Colors not in use

Neon yellow/black letters
Black/white letters
Navy/white letters
Sky blue/black
Heather sapphire/white letters